Marvel Saga. The Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman, no. 4: The war of the five cities

Cover of Marvel Saga. The Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman, no. 4: The war of the five cities

Original edition: FF, vol. 1, nos. 1 to 5 USA
Departure date: March 2020.
Script: Jonathan Hickman.
He drew: Steve Epting and Barry Kitson.
Format: I take in hard cover, 128 pp. In color.
Price: € 16.00

After a few disappointments, Reed Richards left the Reeds Council and, upon arriving home, formed the Future Foundation and created a temporary cure for Ben Grimm among all the students along with Valeria. After an adventure with little Franklin, the narrative would transfer us to the story of the Franklin and Valeria of the future who follow his plan while Nathaniel Richards travels to the past and explains the Hunt for Nathaniels. With the help of the Reed, Ben and Victor of the past, Nathaniel ended the persecution, but Franklin and Valeria of the future ended it. Already today, Valeria discovered the Bridge and made a deal with Doctor Death in which he would help him recover if he helped his father. Later, everything got worse when Estela Plataada looked at a corpse of Galactus and our Devourer of Worlds asked Reed Richards for explanations. Finally, as Sue watched Namor break the agreement with the other races, Johhny gave her life to prevent an assault by Annihilus from entering Earth. In this issue we will see Reed asking Spiderman to join the Future Foundation and Valeria asking her father to help Death because of a deal she made with him in exchange for something.

Marvel Saga. The Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman, no. 4: The war of the five cities. Sample page.The story of this issue would begin (can contain SPOILERS. Avoid reading this part if you haven’t read it) with IMA arguing that they must find new ideas as they start their space tunnel. Sue greets Spiderman in the Baxter Building and hands him his new suit while explaining that everyone is dealing in their own way with the loss of Johnny. Due to an alert, the Future Foundation is launched, but it is too late, IMA has rescued the Magician. After eating as a family, Valeria and Nathaniel let Doctor Death in and explain to Reed that they must restore his memory as part of a deal she made with him. This created chaos in the Baxter Building until they find a way to help him. In Latveria, Reed hesitates for a moment, but eventually gives in and helps his arch enemy. Now, as part of the other promise, Death promises to kill the other members of the Reed Council who escaped to this Earth. Part of the Future Foundation organized a meeting with several villains such as IMA, the Maho, Diablo, the Mad Thinker and the High Evolutionary. While they were thinking about how they could defeat them and finish their plan, a team from the Future Foundation defended the Ancient Antlantis, but the Mole Man and a Reed would put them in check and would shock Sue, not knowing anything about what was happening. .

In general, we are a fantastic and interesting comic that recovers seeds that were planted in previous story arcs to continue and enhance them even more, putting several of the characters in a moral and ethical bind by not knowing how to act and having to act against how they would normally do it. Also, if this wasn’t enough, our characters have barely had enough time to deal with the consequences seen in Marvel Saga. The Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman, no. 3 three”, but some already begin to show strong symptoms of grief, like Ben.

Marvel Saga. The Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman, no. 4: The war of the five cities. Sample page.As for the characters, Reed can’t stop remembering Johnny reproducing the message he left before falling in combat, but he fulfills his wishes and goes into the future. On the other hand, is totally against helping Death, Although Valeria has made a deal with him, but in the end he agrees to help him, although he doubts at the last moment whether to purge his memory or make him recover it. Besides, It doesn’t really take that Valeria stepped into the past at The Bridge and saw the Reeds CouncilBut that gave them the opportunity to establish a plan to stop them, although he feels uncomfortable that it has to be with the help of Death and all his enemies. On the other hand, Valeria shows in this volume a great intelligence and is very solvent when no one is able to see the solution to any problem, even if they have to anger their parents. Sue tries to take it easy on the villains meeting knowing that her family has always been able to deal with them and, furthermore, she is a woman who responds very strongly when they ask for help. Ben Grimm still wailing for the death of Johnny and it is something that makes its mark both in the Baxter Building, as in its missions and in their relationship. Fortunately, Alice is always there for him and to redirect you. Spiderman acts here as a comic relief and as a potential reinforcement, in addition to providing some other scientific idea once in a while, but in general, it has a very minor role. By last, Doctor Death is true to his word Despite being the arch nemesis of the Fantastic Four and trying to fulfill the deal he made with Valeria Richards, although it is also for pure convenience in both the first and second part – since the Reeds Council does not like it.

On rhythmIn general, Jonathan Hickman offers us some very adequate times that increase every time we turn the pages and the story arc advances and Death and the Council of Reeds enter the scene.

Marvel Saga. The Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman, no. 4: The war of the five cities. Sample page.About The edition, we are before a volume in hardcover that compiles in great quality the first five numbers of the first American volume of FF by Jonathan Hickman. In addition to a good paper, bound to the height and a magnificent introduction, we have at the end of the volume a series of alternative covers as an extra that will delight every fan of the Fantastic Four and the Future Foundation.

On an artistic level, Steve Epting offers us a spectacular work throughout the volume in the numbers that touch him with impressive quality, details and plans that totally transmit the strength, the sinister, the mystery, the sadness, the fury and the adventure of the moment. On the other hand, Barry Kitson has a somewhat simpler and less detailed style than his predecessor, but the end result usually scratches the remarkable, both in close-up -where he does try much more- and in the media. However, the cartoonist does not seem to dominate the dynamism very much in several bullets of action and they are somewhat flat.

In short, I consider that we are before a totally amazing tome for how it brings to the fore a threat that the First Family of Marvel will not be able to resolve aloneYou will need allies, though not the ones you would like to have on your side.

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