Logan’s director comments on why they decided to kill Wolverine

Picture of Logan (2017)

Director James Mangold look back a few years ago to rate the film Logan” Specifically, the most shocking decision that was made in that movie, which was to kill Wolverine, as we already know, serving that movie as a great farewell to actor Hugh Jackman of the character.

Wolverine’s death was a logical move, but that does not mean that it remains shocking, surprising even some fans. In new statements, Mangold explains that killing the mutant from the claws was seen as the most logical way to go:

The process involved much less red tape than you might think. Actually at first we went hugh [Jackman] and me. It seemed logical, that if it was going to be his last film, he would either ride to the horizon or die, but you needed to have some kind of curtain in his story. It’s a logical assumption, isn’t it?

Or you have the end to what ‘Shane’ (1953), where he rides up the mountain to unknown parts, which has largely been the way his character works out in every procedural movie or you would kill him. But the reason the choice was at our feet was because you needed the feeling of closure. You needed a sense of ending if you were going to end, if you’re going to deal with the legacy of Hugh’s many performances and movies, and you were trying to establish this part in some definitive way.

Interestingly, 20th Century Fox did not object to the idea, and supported it virtually from the start.

Frankly, not even the studio was nervous, because it seemed like an event. It gave the film, on a simple level, the reality that although it wasn’t as extravagant or expensive as some other films, it was going to be the most watched because it would be the end of a legend.

Logan was a film that shocked and amazed the public for various reasons. The film was notably darker and more mature in its themes than the previous X-Men films and especially at that moment of Wolverine’s death. All tucked into an R-rated movie. This resulted in his $ 97 million budget being smoothly recovered at the box office, where he grossed $ 226.27 million domestically, and as much as $ 619.02 million globally.

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