Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

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Every stage has its beginning and its end. The new installment of DC Animated Film Universe by the hand of Warner bros animation offers us a sublime conclusion for the saga started in 2013 with the animated film Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox and that later, annually, until today he has been adapting characters and stories from DC Comics, both present and past, all within the same established universe (in most films as we already explained).

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War It is the conclusion to this series of stories and just as the film that gave rise to this new universe did in its day, the extraordinary Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, and as a rhyme, it offers us a visceral spectacle of equal proportions in the end of its saga as well as it was in its origin.

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The film brings together the majority of characters previously introduced to their universe, facing their most critical moment after their greatest fall. After launching a full attack on the villain Darkseid and the planet Apokolips,the League of Justice it will be decimated losing the majority of the members. It will be the mission of the surviving heroes unite what remains of their forces to save all that they have fought for and loved.

The film brings together for the first time the characters of the League of Justice, The Dark Justice League, the Teen Titans, and the Suicide Squad in a single mission to defeat Darkseid and his final blow, which hangs over his world and that for the first time It will take you to your limits.

The main pillars and the protagonists of the plot are: John Constantine, Robin / Damian Wayne, Raven / Rachel Roth, and Superman / Clark KentThey must create a peculiar but powerful alliance to fight and try to put the world back on track. This characters manage to consolidate their personal arches that they were spinning with the passing of the previous installments and we see them face their greatest challenges within this climax.

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Unfortunately several secondary characters do not stand better, after others who steal the spotlight within the film, which will lead to opinions divided by the public who know them.

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I must add that several secondary that previously were protagonists in previous deliveries also have brief appearances or silent cameos and, as much as their presence is appreciated, they really had the potential for more relevant participations. This leaves the bittersweet taste of not being taken advantage of, along with many other characters who fell by the wayside.

Although the action is the engine that drives the plot, thankfully it is appreciated that there are spaces for interactions between the characters and their relationships between them. The film also features a very well implemented humor and fun, the product of brief interactions between such different characters, gathered under one roof.

Imagine Justice League Dark: Apokolips War (2020)

I have to point out that the film finally returns the tyrant Darkseid the fearsome and powerful characterization it lacked in previous installments. The dark lord of Apokolips finally regains the respect that had been diluted in previous films of this universe Justice League: War 2014 and “The Reign of Superman”of 2019, and although his motivations are not fully portrayed very ambitious, really the antagonist lends himself to being hated in this installment by demonstrating to the heroes that he is no longer playing.

The action from start to finish is exciting. Our main characters suffer as never before in a story of this level. It will not only be the fallen who gave their last breath fighting. There are also the wounded in spirit and physically mutilated who must regain their hope and their own humanity, as well as cynics willing to act waiting to see where the balance is tipped.

Imagine Justice League Dark: Apokolips War (2020)

The brutality displayed on the tape is fortunately shocking and reaches you like a jug of cold water. This is not just a parade of gore moments and meaningless blood, since these only appear in a timely manner and get a schock value that had not been seen or felt since Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. Now with the baggage of 15 previous installments this element has a greater weight for this final chapter.

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The animation of the film continues with the aesthetics and design belonging to the various installments of this universe except for some subtle redesigns. The handling of the action sequences and the fights are exciting and all are very well balanced with the rhythm of the plot, so that these they not only feel like a filler for the story, Every minute counts from the start of the film to its final credits.

There are times when certain characters and some scenes go from 2-D animation to 3-D but this is fleeting, although when seeing it it can be confusing. The movie breaks records by turning an hour and a half long, thus far exceeding the average time of DC animated projects.

Image of Justice League Dark: Apokolips War (2020)

The tape ends with a high note and a bittersweet ending, although it is interpreted that the universe is likely to undergo a new beginning, the final scenes are closed and emotional.

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War It is an exciting climax and a closure to the story for this animated version of the DC Universe. While it’s not a lofty conclusion its engaging show and its action are what create an exciting experience for the viewer.