Jon Cryer reveals they are rewriting the end of Luthor in Supergirl

Supergirl 5x17 Image: Deus Lex Machina

The Serie “Supergirl” It has been one of the many that were being broadcast and that have been directly affected by the interruption of productions. The Girl of Steel is one of the most advanced in production, and were immersed in the filming of that final episode. However, changes are taking place right now about the end of the season.

Actor Jon Cryer, who plays Lex Luthor on the series, has confirmed that right now the team of writers are doing a rewrite of the ending from season 5, and along the same lines, Cryer believes that the end that was marked for his character could be modified.

The Supergirl guys have talked to me because we couldn’t shoot our last episode. We had filmed part of the last episode, and they are going to use part of that material, but they are writing a lot of new things around them. It’s interesting because the way my character was detained now doesn’t happen anymore. So I thought: ‘Oh, wasn’t I defeated? Wait a minute, I like this! ’ He adds with a laugh. We supervillains enjoy our chance to not be defeated from time to time.

Or put another way, Luthor was given an ending that could now be quite different, although we don’t know what this will be. It also arises from the question of whether they can shoot it.

Recall that Lex appeared in the fourth season of “Supergirl” as a character to appear only in three episodes, for those plans that he had to make a Superman movie with Lex Luthor. Since all that changed, Luthor’s role was expanded to even take him to the Arrowverse crossover “Crisis on Infinite Earths”, largely in Cryer’s own interest.

I felt like a nerd because I originally shouldn’t be in[thecrossoverof[elcrossoverde[thecrossoverof[elcrossoverde‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’], but I literally had to talk to Peter Roth, who is the boss of Warner Brothers, and say: Igan Hey, I heard that they are doing Crisis on Infinite Earths and that Lex Luthor is a big part of that in the comics. So I’m just saying I’m here, for whatever it is. ’. It is simply humiliating.

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