Hailee Steinfeld continues to cast doubt on being Kate Bishop at Hawkeye

Hailee Steinfeld could be Kate Bishop in the series Hawkeye

The future of the “Hawkeye” series was severely cut short by the coronavirus pandemic. The series began pre-production a few weeks before the whole situation exploded, and now it has been forced to freeze. However, what fans are “concerned about” is not so much the shutdown, as the series was scheduled for fall 2021, but rather what’s going to happen to Kate Bishop.

The characters the second great protagonist of the series, because in fact this is going to show us how Clint Barton passes the witness to her as the new Hawkeye. The actress has been playing for a long time Hailee Steinfeld As a great candidate for the role, but still nothing formalized. Steinfeld herself has sowed doubts in the past in this regard, and even this past February it sounded that although Marvel Studios was still interested in the actress, they were expanding their sights, looking for other actresses to keep in the rear just in case.

In new statements, Hailee Steinfeld has responded in a way that alarmed fans when asked if she is going to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

You know, right now, I’ll tell you that music is what worries me. That’s what I live on. I am super excited to have this time that we are really, legitimately, talking about how much time we have to focus on that. So that’s what is occupying my brain right now.

That evasive focus on music is what has puzzled many. We know that the actress has an exclusive contract with Apple that would be the main obstacle in this matter. As part of his contract, Steinfeld must be “transparent” with Apple when taking on any other job, and there is a non-compete clause, designed to prevent him from doing jobs for another streaming service. A delicate issue that is being seen how it can be solved.

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