David Ayer regrets the deleted scenes of Joker in Suicide Squad

Image of the Joker in Suicide Squad (2016)

One of the main villains that the DCEU (DC Extended Universe) had to face was the dreaded assembly table, the place where the vast majority of his first films (starting with “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” Zack Snyder) suffered an indiscriminate mutilation of scenes that in many cases ended up deforming or ruining the film.

One of the clearest cases of this practice we could see it in “Suicide Squad”. Tape that throughout its production used Jared Leto (the Joker) as a claim for the public to go to the cinemas, only to discover that all scenes from Gotham’s crime prince had been cut out and regrouped in less than ten minutes of footage.

That is why, taking advantage of an interaction on Twitter, in which he was asked about Leto’s work on the tape, David Yesterday (the director of the film) claimed to have the “broken heart” for what was done to the actor in this project and He reconfirmed that most of the scenes recorded of the Joker never came off the assembly table.

Q- Despite how much some DC fans loved Jared Leto’s Joker, he was too creepy to feel compassionate and his looks didn’t convince everyone like Ben Affleck’s Batman did. Appearances matter. David, you’re dealing with ‘nerds’ who don’t like Henry Cavill’s Superman because he’s not wearing underpants. You know it, do not you?

A-Without a doubt the creation of characters is somewhat delicate. I was inspired by current DC comics. I find it incredible that it remains a relevant topic years later. My heart is broken by Jared. He did a magnificent job. Much of which has never been seen.

Likewise, Yesterday, he took the opportunity to explain the meaning of one of the tattoos that Leto’s Joker wore during the film.. Specifically we refer to the word Damaged (“Damaged”) that we could see on the character’s forehead. According to the director, the villain got this word tattooed after Ben Affleck’s Batman broke his teeth for killing Jason Todd / Robin.

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