David Ayer prepared for his Suicide Squad Ayer Cut

Suicide Squad Image (2016)

Official confirmation that Zack Snyder’s montage of “League of Justice” It will be complete at the post-production level, it has had some side effects, such as having started to “joke” with the idea of ​​being able to see the original productions at some point, which would have been without the intervention of the studios, of films like “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”, “Fantastic four” Or until “Suicide Squad”. The latter, directed by David Yesterday, It is probably the one that has attracted the most attention (I would say that also in a mix between seriousness and a certain humorous tone). Curiously, Yesterday himself has entered the rag and has addressed the possibility that we see a Yesterday Cut of “Suicide Squad”.

It was really his own Yesterday who primed the subject, because the same day that the “League of Justice”, the director reacted by publishing a gif of Jared Leto’s Joker seen in his villain movie next to the phrase “I’m a different opinion, dammit”. Obviously the comments began to emerge, and even movements have begun to arise so that we get to see the original version of Ayer mounted, because as we know, Joker was one of the greatest victims in the cuts that Warner Bros. made of the film.

When transferring the question to the director, and what impediments there are to be able to see it, Yesterday does not confirm or deny that it could happen, but obviously says that it is not his decision and that although the idea of ​​his cut of the film can always sound like a rumor, he has already “made peace” with this matter:

It is simply not my decision or my property. I love WB – it’s always been my Studio home studio ’I fully respect and support the incredible journey that the DCU is taking under his leadership. My montage of ‘Suicide Squad’ it can always be just a rumor. And that is fine.

However, in other tweets, he drops that he is ready for the moment when perhaps everything will take shape.

It is true that in the past Yesterday he has always been a “defender” of the version that was broadcast in theaters, especially in times just after the film was released, but in recent months he has been more critical or has commented on many occasions the material that was cut or changed, and has even regretted that we did not see everything that was thought with the Joker, and last September he went so far as to say that the version we saw in the cinema is not his version of the film,

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