Clark Gregg on Coulson’s return for Agents of SHIELD season 7

Image from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 7x01: The New Deal

Next week at last there is the return of the series “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” with his seventh and final season, and the promotional campaign is already being activated. An important part of this has been the interview that actor Clark Gregg, one of the most visible faces of the series given his role as Phil Coulson, has given Variety talking about different themes, although we highlight two themes, his statements about his fear of how his return would take place in season 7 and about the future possibilities that his character sees once the series ends.

After Gregg’s statements, we leave a short promo starring May and Yo-Yo, who seem to be after a target in a SHIELD installation; an Instagram post by Whitney Galitz, the costume designer for the film, showing some of the designs for that time of the 30s in which they are inspired; and a video of Gregg’s visit to the program “Marvel’s Earth’s Mightiest Show”.

Gregg admits as we say in this interview that at first he was a little confused by his return. I knew it was going to happen like a Life Model Decoy, given the end of the previous season, but he was not especially attracted to the idea of ​​playing a robot or an android, since he does not believe that Phil Coulson himself would want that, but when they explained it well, everything changed.

I was a little confused at first. I internalize everything Coulson cares about, whether he wants it or not. He was truly convinced that he didn’t want that. And although I love them Data [of[de[of[de‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’], I didn’t want Phil Coulson to be Data, you know, the cyberneticist who kept doing them quick math. His idea of ​​this was very different. He’s struggling with some of the things that classic AI characters have tried in the past: What am I? What am I now, in your case? And it’s not really your typical LMD either. There are much more advanced things going on.

Because “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” ends this summer, this might be the last time we see Coulson on TV, and even UCM, but Gregg does not completely turn his back on the possibility of returning in the future.

I know nothing!. It is difficult for me to imagine a scenario where I would say: ‘No, I’m too busy to put on the latest version of the suit and go play Phil Coulson’. I’m always excited to see them change the timelines and expose a multiverse in the [universo] film. Because I think: ‘Well, I’ve seen scenarios that I could be in’. So I learned with this character to never say never, but I am also very grateful for the trip we had.

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