Brandon Routh didn’t pick up many Kingdom Come ideas for his Crisis Superman

Image of Brandon Routh as Superman in Legends of Tomorrow 5x01: Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five

One of the multiple moments that the crossover had “Crisis on Infinite Earths” was Brandon Routh’s reappearance as Superman. The superhero looked visually like the one in the comic book arc Kingdom Come, but at the spirit and reference level, it was a continuation of the one he played in the film “Superman Returns” from 2006.

As usually happens in a crossover, and even more if it has the scale of this one, there was not much time to develop that Superman, so many gaps remained around it. Now, past bull, Routh looks back and explains what his sources of inspiration for his interpretation really were, to explain that from the comic Kingdom Come Not many ideas were really caught beyond the visuals and the backstory.

I didn’t get much out of the original material other than what was in understanding the importance of the costume change and obviously the back story that we put into ‘Crisis’ of the Joker gassing the Daily Planet and the loss of family and friends most crucial to it, but I think we did not get it strictly and 100% of ‘Kingdom Come’, it was rather a kind of amalgam of both ‘Superman Returns’ like ‘Kingdom Come’. I used the script and what the producers told me we were using to merge them together.

In Kingdom Come from the comics, the Joker launched a gas attack on the Daily Planet resulting in the mass murder of numerous newspaper workers, including Lois Lane whom the Joker attacked with one of the prizes on his desk. Lois’s death caused Superman to withdraw. In “Crisis” that same gas attack occurred, leading Clark Kent to become the editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet, but also making him a man who had lost more than any mortal – the Paragon of Truth who was to fight the Antimonitor.

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Let’s remember that the door to a potential return of this Routh Superman is open since it is part of one of the different universes of the current DC multiverse, specifically Earth-96.

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