UP TET Syllabus 2021: Paper 1 and Paper 2 Exam Pattern

UP TET Syllabus.

UP TET Syllabus 2021: Paper 1 and Paper 2 Exam Pattern.

In this article, you will find the exam pattern and the syllabus of the UP Teacher Eligibility Test exam. There will be two papers; Paper-1 and Paper-2. The time duration of each paper will be 2:30 hours.

The Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Board has released the exam pattern and syllabus. If you are eligible, then you can apply at the official website. In this article, we included exam pattern and syllabus. If you want more details, visit the official website.

The exam pattern and syllabus are available in both Hindi and English language and pdf format. For more detail, check the official website http://upbasiceduboard.gov.in.

Exam Pattern:
  1. The written test will be MCQs type.
  2. There will be two papers: Paper-1 and Paper-2.
  3. Each paper will be of 150 marks, and each question will be of 1 mark. So, there will be 150 questions and 150 marks.
  4. There will be no negative marking system.
  5. The time duration will be of 2:30 hours for each paper.
  6. The question paper will be in both Hindi and English language.

A. Paper-1: For who wants to become a teacher of Class 1 to 5.

B. Paper-2: For who wants to become a teacher of Class 5 to 8.

  1. The written test will be MCQs type.
  2. There will be two papers: Paper-1 and Paper-2.
  3. Each paper will be of 200 marks.
  4. The time duration will be of 2 hours for each paper.
  5. Paper-1 will be of 150 questions, and Paper-2 will be of 100 questions.
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Exam Pattern of Paper-1:
Sr. No.
Subject Name Questions Marks
1 Child Development and Pedagogy 30 30
2 Language I (Hindi) 30 30
3 Language II (English/Urdu/Sanskrit) 30 30
4 Mathematics 30 30
5 Environmental Studies 30 30
Total 150 Questions 150 Marks


Exam Pattern of Paper-2:
Sr. No.
Subject Name Questions Marks
1 Child Development and Pedagogy 30 30
2 Language I (Hindi) 30 30
3 Language II (English/Urdu/Sanskrit) 30 30
4 (A) Mathematics/ Science for Maths & Science Teacher
(B) Social Studies for Social Studies & Social Science Teacher
60 60
Total 150 Questions 150 Marks


Subject-wised Syllabus:

Child Development and Pedagogy Syllabus:

Child Development:

  1. Concept of development and growth
  2. Factors affecting development
  3. Principles and dimensions of development
  4. Role of Heredity and environment
  5. Meaning and concept of learning and its process
  6. Factors affecting learning
  7. Motivation and implications for learning
  8. How children learn and think
  9. Theories of learning and its implication

Individual Difference:

  1. Meaning types and factors affecting individual differences
  2. Understanding individual differences based on caste, religion, language, gender, and community


  1. Concept and types of personality
  2. Factors affecting personality
  3. Personality measurement intelligence, including concept, theories, and its measurement
  4. Multidimensional intelligence

Understanding diverse learners:

  1. Mentally retarded
  2. Backward
  3. Gifted
  4. Creative
  5. Disadvantaged and deprived
  6. Specially abled
  7. Learning difficulties adjustment: Role of teacher in the adjustment, concept, and ways of adjustment
  8. Teaching-learning process
  9. Teaching-learning strategies
  10. Methods in the context of National Curriculum Framework 2005
  11. Meaning and purposes of assessment
  12. Measurement and evolution
  13. Comprehensive and continuous evaluation
  14. Role and responsibility of teachers
  15. Action research
  16. Constriction of achievement
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English Syllabus:

  1. Comprehensive & Continuous Evaluation, Evaluation Language Proficiency, and English Preparation Tips
  2. Unseen Prose Passage
  3. Synonyms and Antonyms
  4. Spelling and Word-formation
  5. One Word Substitution
  6. Unseen Prose Passage Part of Speech Tenses Determiners Change of Degrees
  7. Principles of Teaching English Methods
  8. Approaches to English Language Teaching
  9. Framing Question including Wh-questions Active and Passive Voice
  10. Knowledge of English sounds and Phonetic Symbols
  11. Development of Language Skills Teaching Learning Materials includes Textbooks, Multi-Media Materials, and other resources.

Hindi, Sanskrit, and Urdu Syllabus:

  1. The material of teaching-learning, language skills, and so on.
  2. Reading unseen passages
  3. Verbal ability and grammar
  4. Inference acquisition and learning
  5. Listening role & speaking
  6. Principles of language teaching
  7. The critical aspect of grammar
  8. Teaching challenges in the classroom
  9. Remedial teaching
  10. Evaluate proficiency in language comprehension

Mathematics Syllabus:

  1. Interest Ratio and Proportion Percentage
  2. Statistics Graph
  3. Indices Algebraic Expressions Factors Equations Square Roots Cube Roots
  4. Lines and Angles Plane Figures Area of Place Figures Surface Area and Volume
  5. Nature of Mathematics Place of Mathematics Language of Mathematics Community of Mathematics

Science Syllabus:

  1. Science and Technology Solar System
  2. Structure of Matter Chemical Substance
  3. Force and Motion Heat Light and Sound
  4. Health Animal Reproduction and Adolescence
  5. Micro-Organism Living Being Human Body
  6. Nature & Structure of Science Natural Science Understanding the Science Method of Science Teaching
  7. Innovation Text Material/Aids Evaluation Problems Remedial Teaching.
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If you have any queries, reach out to the official website.

Wishing you all the best for the examination, and stay tuned for the next update.