Is Writing Papers for Money Illegal?

When it comes to what is legal and what is not it is very easy to stop thinking rationally and focus on emotions. There are many situations in which we confuse legal with ethical and illegal with unpleasant. Hear what you want to show you how this issue can be addressed both from an ethical and legal side. In this article we will talk both about writing papers for money and buying custom-written papers online. These processes are interconnected, and you cannot imagine one without another. That legality of the process also depends on both sides. That is why it is so important to analyze both writing and buying papers from online essay writing services and independent specialists.

Is it legal to write papers for money?

Writing papers for money as just a job. It is just a job like any other job. There are different types of writers who receive money for their academic writings. First of all, the authors of fictional and non-fictional books. They get published and receive money from publishers and in the form of royalties. There are journalists and columnists, who write for magazines and newspapers, both online and offline. It is evident that right now there are more journalists working for online media dance for offline magazines. There are also commercial writers preparing websites, newsletters, advertising materials for different companies. They are often called copywriters or commercial offers. They’re dozens of specialities with which commercial writers work. Nowadays this profession is very popular, as you can work from home and you can work for any country where commercial texts in your language are needed. And finally, there are academic writers, who supply students with academic texts: from essays to research papers, from capstone projects to lab reports, from outlines to dissertations.

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A profession of academic writer is the most discussed in terms of legality and ethical issues, but it shouldn’t be the case, especially in the modern society. While, for example, plagiarism and author’s rights infringement are both illegal and unethical, and should be punished, academic writing doesn’t imply any of them. In reverse, the key principle of the academic writing is not to allow even one percent of plagiarism crown into the paper in question. While commercial authors, as well as fiction writers, don’t hesitate to borrow some ideas or even the whole passages from colleagues, academic writers are more than careful when it comes to such matters. Why? Because they know the price. With a simple plagiarized paper an academic career can be ruined. That is why, addressing a reliable company with a “write my paper for money” request, guarantees that the final draft you receive will be 100% original. WriteMyPaperHub is a great expert writing service from which you can get your essays written for cash.

A Quality-Related Confusion

Academic writing is based on original sources, in-depth research, and respect to the subject. It is only logical that it should be seen legal — as it is just another job done for money by a suitable specialist. It is a job description, not a criminal record, do you agree? The legality of academic writing as a profession should not be even discussed. But let’s discuss what makes it be perceived as something shady. First of all, academic writing for money is often linked to plagiarism. But there is no proof that plagiarism in papers written by students without any external help happens more often than in papers created based on the content written by academic writers. However, it would be a lie to say that commercial academic writing didn’t lead to the increase of plagiarism years ago. There was a period when the market was boiling and it welcomed many writers without proper academic degrees and writing experience, many of whom were coming from the countries where English is not used as a primary language. For several years, only the most reliable services were safe to order with, both in terms of quality and originality of the content. Now, most of the companies with adequate background and respectable pricing policy have multi-step test systems to filter out unsuitable writers. It improved the situation with plagiarism significantly. 

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The idea is simple — there is nothing illegal in working as an academic writer, but there are not fully legal ways in which the results of your work can be used by students. However, it is obvious, that the producer of a particular service or product is not responsible for its further illegal usage, which wasn’t meant to happen by a producer. It would be ridiculous to count producers of the bricks accountable, for some random person throwing that brick at a dog, instead of building a doghouse. Working for a reliable writing service, as well as ordering with it, guarantees protection, safety and confidentiality. As in any sphere, the more experienced and trustworthy company you choose, the more secure you will be.