UP Bhu Naksha Web Portal: Procedure and Information about Bhulekh Web Portal

UP Bhu Naksha Web Portal: Procedure and Information about Bhulekh Web Portal

Uttar Pradesh State Government has launched Online Web Portal to see Bhu Naksha Online. All the Land Records and Bhu Naksha Details are few clicks away. Through Online Portal you can take benefits of many Land related services, so here we create this post for Uttar Pradesh Citizen.

Below List of Content will give you more information about UP Bhulekh Online Web Portal, Procedure of different Services.

  1. Important Terms of Bhulekh Uttar Pradesh Bhu Naksha Record
  2. How to see Uttar Pradesh Bhu Naksha Bhulekh Khasra Record Online?
  3. Online Verification Process of UP Bhu Naksha Map Record Khasra Khatauni
  4. FAQs about UP Bhu Naksha Online Portal

Let’s get details one by one.

Important Terms under Bhulekh Uttar Pradesh Bhu Naksha Record

Here we bring important terms that you need while you will open Online Portal of Uttar Pradesh Bhu Naksha.

  1. Jamabandi/Fard/RoR

You can see Land Records Such as Owner Name, Cultivator Name, Khasra Number, Land area, crop details, and mortgage and lease details.

Though Jamabandi or Fard, you can see details related to your farm such as Khasra Number Owner Name, Area of ​​arable land, crops to be grown, sources of irrigation, credit etc.

  1. Khata/Khewat Number

Khata Number is a special number which is dedicated to Land Owner. Though Khata Number you will get all information about Land.

  1. Khasra Khatauni Number
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You will get Cultivator Details with using Khasra Khatauni Number.

How to see Uttar Pradesh Bhu Naksha Bhulekh Khasra Record Online? 

This procedure will help you to see Bhulekh Khasra Record online. For that, we have created Step by Step guide, let’s start with the first step.

Step – 1

First, Open Official website of UP Bhulekh Portal, for that click on http://upbhulekh.gov.in/ Link.

Step – 2

On your screen, you can see the Homepage of UP Bhulekh Portal.

You can see various Options on the Homepage such as खतौनी कोड जाने,भूखण्ड का यूनिक कोड जाने, खतौनी की नकल.

Now, select the service option that you want.

Step – 3

For Online Bhulekh Record you have to select “खसरा-खतौनी जमाबंदी नकल”

Then click on “खतौनी की नकल देखें”.

Step – 4

A new page will open and you have to Enter Appropriate Captcha Code in the given Text Box.

Then you have to Select District, Tehsil, and village from the given option.

Step – 5

After selection of the above three options, you have to search the Account Holder Name.

Though, खसरा/ गाटा संख्या द्वारा, खाता संख्या द्वारा, खातेदार के नाम द्वारा you can search Account Holder Name.

Step – 6

Enter one of the options, and then you will get Account Holder Name. Select your name and then click on “उद्धरण देखें टैब”

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Now, you can see Copy of Khasra Khatauni on the web portal. This copy is available to download and print.

Online Verification Process of UP Bhu Naksha Map Record Khasra Khatauni

Here, we create a step by step guide for you to check Bhu Naksha of Uttar Pradesh State.

Though Online Portal you can Check status and verify Khasra Khatauni and Bhu Naksha of Every District, Tehsil, and Village. Let’s go through the procedure.

Step – 1 

First, you have to click on the website link that we have pasted below.

Uttar Pradesh Bhu Naksha Web Portal: http://upbhunaksha.gov.in/bhunaksha

Step – 2

When portal will open, you have to select your District, Tehsil, and Village.

Now, you can see Bhu Naksha on the website page.

Step – 3

Next, you have to click on Farm, Plot, and Khasra Number to select Naksha. Then you will get the Bhu Naksha and Plot Related Information Such as Account Number. Khasra Number, Land Area in Hector, and Account Holder Name.

If you find any difficulties to choose Tehsil of your Area then you can directly enter Farm and Khasra Number in the Search Box. Enter and click on Search Icon then you will get information about your Plot.

Step – 4

On the page of Bhu Naksha, Click on Right Corner-Down Menu, there you have to select Map Record. Then you will get Clear Naksha of Your Land.

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Now, you can see your Land Details with complete information, and you can download and print a copy of the Naksha.

FAQs about UP Bhu Naksha Online Portal

Though these FAQs you will get a clear idea about UP Bhu Naksha.

What can I do in UP Bhu Naksha Online Web Portal? 

In UP Bhu Naksha Online Portal, you can get Bhu Naksha, Type of Land, Bhu Shajra Etc Services are available.

How to get details of a particular plot?

To get details of your Plot, You need information such as Tehsil Block, Place Name, Account Number and Khasra Number.

How to know the owner of Land?

First, you need to open the Bhu Naksha Portal. Then Select District and Tehsil. Now, click on given Naksha, and within a few seconds, you will get details of Land Owner.