Karnataka Bhu Naksha: Offline Procedure to get Land Map

Karnataka Bhu Naksha: Offline Procedure to get Land Map

Many of Karnataka State Citizens don’t know about Bhu Naksha Karnataka Online Website. Yes, Currently Government of Karnataka is working on uploading Bhu Naksha and Lap related data of their people on the Official website.

Right now, many state government has launched an online web portal to get Land Records and Land Map, and many of are working on to update data, Karnataka Government is one of them. But Karnataka Government has launched a website, and they still working on uploading documents.

Many of Farmers don’t know about the Revenue Map Online Karnataka website, So this post we have created for these people who never touch this kind of news before. We have created a list of content that we have added in this post.

Here is the list of content

  1. Overview of Revenue Map Online Karnataka
  2. How to check Bhoomi Revenue Maps in the Online Karnataka website?
  3. How to get Bhu Naksha of Karnataka Offline?
  4. FAQs about Karnataka Bhoomi Revenue Map Online

Now, let’s expand content and get relevant information about the online web portal.

Overview of Revenue Map Online Karnataka

Bhu Naksha Bhoomi Revenue Maps Online is a very useful utility that the Government of Karnataka has gifted to its citizens. All Districts have been covered in the Online Website, and some of them are remaining because uploading work is continuing right now.

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Below we have put the official website link and contact details of Revenue Map Online.

Official website link: https://landrecords.karnataka.gov.in/

Email ID to Contact: [email protected]

How to check Bhoomi Revenue Maps in the Online Karnataka website?

If you want to check Bhoomi Revenue Maps Online then this portion is for you. This stepwise guide is helpful to the new user of the Online Website of Revenue Map. Let’s see the steps.

Step – 1

In the first step, you have to visit the Official website of the Karnataka Revenue Map. From the below link, you can open the official website of the Karnataka Revenue Map.

Official Website URL: https://www.landrecords.karnataka.gov.in/service3/

Step – 2

As soon as the Homepage of the website will open, you need to select District, Taluk, Hobli, and Map Types from the Given Drop Down lists.

Step – 3

Then the Village list of under selected Taluk will be open on your screen. In the list, you have to search your Village.

When you search your Village, you have to click on PDF File Icon.

As soon as you click on the PDF File Option, then Downloading of Revenue Map will be started. After Downloading the Revenue Map you can see Village Revenue Maps.

How to get Bhu Naksha of Karnataka Offline?

Don’t mean it that If the Karnataka State Government released an online website and then close the door to get Bhu Naksha Offline. You can do it by visiting the Revenue Office.

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You can get Land Record, Bhu Naksha, and other Land Related Documents by the below steps.

First, you have to visit the Revenue Department office of your Taluk.

Then you have to prepare Application and Form to get Bhu Naksha of your Land. You have to get an Application form which is subjected to Bhu Naksha.

Then in Application Form, you have to mention Survey/Hissa Number.

After completing the Form Filling Process you have to submit that Application form at the concerned officer desk.

After submitting the form, within the given time limit you will get your Bhoomi Map.

On the note of the Offline procedure, if you don’t know how to fill the form at Revenue Office then you can ask for help from the Office Employee.

FAQs about Karnataka Bhoomi Revenue Map Online

Below FAQs will give you tiny and clear information about Karnataka Bhoomi Revenue Map Online.

How to get Bhoomi Bhu Naksha Karnataka?

To get a Bhoomi map of your farm plot or land, you have to contact the revenue department office of the Taluk. After this make the prescribed application form and submit it to the concerned officer. After this, you will get Bhu Naksha within the stipulated time limit. 

How to get Karnataka Land Records Bhoomi RTC Online?

Revenue department Karnataka has provided an online land record. For this open landrecords.karnataka.gov.in. Then enter all the details asked. This way you can get land RTC record very easily.

How to Download Revenue Maps Karnataka Online?

The first is to open the official revenue maps online web link of Karnataka. Then select your District, Taluka, Hobli and map type. After this, you can download the revenue maps given in front of the village.

Where to contact if I faced Issue related to Land Records Revenue Maps Karnataka?

If there is an error in the records related to your farm plot or any land, or if you have any problem related to it, then contact the revenue office of your Taluka. The officers/employees concerned have been appointed to solve your problem.