Bhu Naksha Punjab: Online Procedure to get Cadastral Map

Bhu Naksha Punjab: Online Procedure to get Cadastral Map

There is good news for Punjab Citizens. Now, Punjab State Citizens can download the Cadastral Map of their Land online. Many of you must have questions, that how and where they can download Cadastral Map Online? We have an answer to this question.

Punjab Government has launched a web portal for their citizens, which name is Jamabandi Online Web Portal. Using this web portal Punjab Citizens can download Land Map and Land Records of their Farm and Plot.

For Land Related Government Services, Land Map and Land Records are essential documents. Farmers and Land Owners often use this Land Related Document to get benefits from the scheme. Some you know about Jamabandi Web Portal Process, but many of you don’t know about it, that’s why we have created this post.

Below, we have listed content related to Punjab Jamabandi.

  1. About Bhu Naksha Punjab Web Portal
  2. How to get a Cadastral Map Punjab from an Online web portal?
  3. How to get a Cadastral map from the Revenue Office?
  4. FAQs about Bhu Naksha Punjab

Now, let’s extract these contents and get as much as useful and relevant information about Punjab Jamabandi Online Web Portal.

About Bhu Naksha Punjab Web Portal

Now, you are clear about the Punjab Jamabandi Online web portal. Punjab Government has launched an online web portal with the help of Punjab Land Records Department of Every Tehsil.

All Districts of Punjab State has been included in Jamabandi Online Web Portal. Now, people don’t need to go out at the Tehsil Offices to get Land Records. So this is the main benefit of the Jamabandi Online web portal. People of Punjab can download Bhu Naksha and Bhu Abhilekh anywhere and anytime.

Like that there are lots of benefits of Online Web Portal Services. Here we will discuss a few of them.

Before launching of online web portal, People must have to visit Tehsil Government Offices. But now, these unnecessary outings will be reduced.

People do not need to stand in the queue to get Bhu Naksha and Land Records of Punjab.

Now, Profiteering will be decreased, because to get Land Record at Offices people used to give a bribe to the Government Officers so they can get their documents quickly.

Here, we have put the contact details and Official website link of the Punjab Land Records Department.

URL of Official website:

Contact: Punjab Land Records Office

How to get a Cadastral Map Punjab from an Online web portal?

Many people don’t know the process to download Cadastral Map Punjab from the Jamabandi Online website. So, follow the below steps to download Cadastral Map.

Step – 1

In the first step, you need to open the official website of Punjab Jamabandi. From the below link, you can open the online web portal of Punjab Jamabandi.

Official website of Jamabandi Punjab:

Step – 2

When you click on the above link, you can see the Homepage of Punjab Jamabandi Web Portal. On the left side of the webpage, you can see Various Menu.

From that menu, you have to select the “Cadastral Map” Option.

Step – 3

Then you have to select your District, Tehsil, and Village from given Drop-Down Menu.

Step – 4

As soon as you fill such details, on your screen you can see various Land Maps. You can check whatever map you want.

How to get a Cadastral map from the Revenue Office?

If you are struggling to get Cadastral Map Online then you can visit Revenue Office to get Land Map.

Here we have created steps,

First, you have to visit Tehsil Office.

Then you have to Prepare the Application to get Bhu Naksha.

In this Application, you have to Mention Khasra Khatauni Number of your Land.

Now, you have to submit this application to the concerned officer.

After submitting the online web portal, you can get it within the given time.

FAQs about Bhu Naksha Punjab

Below FAQs will help you get tiny information about Bhu Naksha Punjab Web Portal.

How to get Punjab Bhu Naksha Online?

Open the official website of the Revenue Department “” to get the cadastral map of your land online. Then select the cadastral map option. Then you can select your district, tehsil and village and get the map.

How to get a farm plot or land map Punjab?

To get the land map of your farm, plot and land, you have to go to the tehsil office and apply to the concerned officer. After this, the map of your land will be issued within the stipulated time limit.

Where can I contact for the issues related to Bhu Naksha Map Punjab?

If you have any problem related to Punjab land map record, for this you should also contact the concerned department i.e. tehsil office. Write all the problems in the prescribed application and submit it to the concerned officer.