Bhu Naksha Bihar 2020: Procedure to See Bhu Naksha Online

Bhu Naksha Bihar 2020: Procedure to See Bhu Naksha Online

Bihar Government has taken one step ahead to check Bhu Naksha Online by Launching Web Portal. All of Land Related forms, Status, and Records you can see on the Internet. It means you can get services on the Online Web Portal. Bihar State Government has launched Online Web Portal for Land Services. Every Bihar State Citizen Can takes benefits of Online Web Portal Services.

Here, we have pasted the URL of Web Portal.

URL Of Web Portal:

Now, we are introducing some information that we have included in our post. Easily you will understand the process to download and see Bihar Bhu-Naksha of your land. Let’s see the list of Content.

  1. About Bhu Naksha Bihar Online 2020
  2. District wise Bhu Naksha Bihar Online 2020
  3. How to issued Bhu Naksha Bihar 2020 Online?
  4. How to get Bhu Naksha Bihar from Mobile?
  5. FAQs about Bhu Naksha Bihar Online 2020

Now, let’s expand this content one by one and get more information about Bihar Bhu Naksha.

About Bhu Naksha Bihar Online 2020

The Revenue Department and of the Bihar Government has concerned behind the Bihar Bhu Naksha Online 2020 Scheme. To make the easier life of the Public Bihar Government has launched this program.

If anyone has a piece of Land, Farm in Bihar State, they will get the Land Records and Bhu Naksha Online. You can access this portal anytime and anywhere. Many Citizens of Bihar have to visit Government offices many times to get a copy of Bihar Bhu Naksha. Now this problem is solved after launching of Online Bhu Naksha Portal. Most people did not aware of the Online Bhu Naksha Portal, that’s why in this post freshers will get more information about Web Portals.

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District wise Bhu Naksha Bihar Online 2020

Right now only four districts can take benefits of the Bhu Naksha Bihar Online Service.

Nalanda, Madhepura, Supaul, and Lakhisarai Districts are included in the Online Bhu Naksha Service.

Currently, Bihar Government is working to Upload Naksha on the Web Portal. They want to add all districts on this portal.

How to issue Bhu Naksha Bihar 2020 Online?

Here, we have created a Stepwise procedure to issue Bhu Naksha Bihar 2020 Online. This Guide will help, while you will start the procedure on the official web portal.

Step – 1

First, you have to open the Official Website of the Bihar Bhu Naksha. From below Link, you will enter into the Bhu Naksha Website.

URL of Bhu Naksha Bihar:

Step – 2

When you click on the Website link, you can see one form on your Screen. Select required details such as District, Sub Division, Circle, Mauza, Type, and Sheet.

Step – 3

When you select all such details, As soon as you select Mauza, then you will get Bhu Naksha of Selected Mauza.

Then, you have to select Khasra Number of your Land, or you can search Khasra Number on the Search Box.

Step – 4

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This step is for Plot Verification when you enter the Khasra Number of you Land, You can see details on the Left Side.

These Details you can verify easily by checking each field manually.

Step – 5

In the plot details, you can see two Options of the Reports; one is Map Report and second is ROR Report. Now, you have to select the Map Report. To Check Bhu Naksha you have to select Map Report Option.

Step – 6

As soon as you click on the Map Report, Bhu Naksha of your Land will open, where you can see all the details related to the Naksha. Like that, all citizens of Bihar can see their Land Records in Online Website.

Step – 7

You can download and print Bhu Naksha. The hard copy of Bhu Naksha you can use in any Government work.

To Download Bhu Naksha,

When you see Naksha on your laptop/desktop screen, Press Ctrl+P and then select Print Option. Then you can select the “Save as PDF” option to download on your local files.

How to get Bhu Naksha Bihar from Mobile?

If you have Android Mobile, then you can See Bhu Naksha in Your Mobile Phone also.

In your mobile, open one of Web Browser, Click

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on Link.

Now, you have to follow the above steps 1 to 6 to See Bihar Bhu Naksha Online.

To print from the Mobile Browser, You can choose the Print option from Menu. Select Print Option and Download Naksha in your Mobile Phone.

FAQs about Bhu Naksha Bihar Online 2020

Below FAQs will give you more clear information about Bhu Naksha Bihar Online 2020.

From which website I will see Bhu Naksha?

Though link you will get Bihar Bhu Naksha.

Do I Need Khasra Number to issue Bhu Naksha?

Yes, Khasra Number is must to issue Bhu Naksha.

When All Districts will available for Bhu Naksha in Portal?

From the Department of Revenue and Land Reforms, you can get this information.