West Bengal Land Record: Stepwise guide to getting West Bengal Land Record

West Bengal Land Record: Stepwise guide to getting West Bengal Land Record

West Bengal State Government is providing facility to see Online Land Records to their citizens. For that, they have launched an online web portal. So this post is about it, so Newbie will get much relevant information.

Below we have listed content. Let’s go through it.

  1. What is Bangla Bhumi West Bengal Online?
  2. How to get Land Records online through a web portal?
  3. Mobile Application for West Bengal Khatian
  4. FAQs about Bhu Lekh West Bengal

Now, we will brief you about this content so you will get more information about Bhu Lekh West Bengal.

What is Bangla Bhumi West Bengal Online?

West Bengal has launched an online web portal to download Land Record. All the districts have been covered in the Land Record Online web portal.

Land & Land Reforms and Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Department is backed online web portal, which maintaining from their side.

Official website of Land & Land Reforms and Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Department: http://banglarbhumi.gov.in/

Contact Details

Email ID: [email protected]

Phone Number: 18003456600

To get Online Khatian Information West Bengal Government has launched a website. This portal is known as the Bengal Bhumi, you can access this website through the “banglarbhumi.gov.in” link.

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You can take the benefits of the below-listed services.

  • Khatian Information
  • Mouza Map
  • Public Grievance
  • Plot Information

How to get Land Records online through a web portal?

Now, we will give you step by step to guide to get Land Records online. Who are new to access this website, for them this guide will help.

Step – 1

In the first step, you need to open the Bangla Bhumi web browser. You have to open a web browser and type “banglarbhumi.gov.in” or by clicking on the below link.

Official website link of Bangla Bhumi: https://banglarbhumi.gov.in/

Step – 2

As soon as you click on the link, the Homepage will open. On the Homepage, you have to go to “Know Your Property” Menu.

Step – 3

Then you have to fill the details which are asked in Mouza Identification. There you have to select District, Block, and Mouza.

Step – 4

Now you have to move your cursor on the Right side. Where you have to select “Search By Khatian” Option, then you have type Khatian Number in the respected Text Box.

Then fill the Captcha Code that you have seen on the Page. Then click on the “View” Option.

Step – 5

After filling the Khatian Number, you can see the Khatian Information on the page. On that page, you can see Owner Name, Address, and Complete Khatian Detail, Check it and verify it.

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Step – 6

If you want to check Plot Information, then you have to select the “Search By Plot” Option. Then type Plot Number and Captcha Code in the Respected Text Box, and Click on View Option.

Step – 7

After entering Plot Number, You can see Plot Information Document. On this document, you can check Plot No, Classification Area, and Plot Details, so Check it and verify it.

Mobile Application for West Bengal Khatian

If you have Android Smart Phone then you can download Android Application.

Click on the below link and Download Jomir Tothya Application.

URL of Jomir Tothya: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.nic22.banglarbhumi&hl=en

Install Application, After Installation process opens it, and then Choose Language. You can select Hindi or English or Bangla Language.

On the Homepage of the Application, You can see “Khatian” and “Plot Info Check” Option. Both of these options will be useful to check Plot Information.

Enter Asked Details and you can download Khatian and Plot Information though Jomir Tothya.

So Bangla Bhumi Online web portal and Jomir Tothya Application is useful to download Land Records.

FAQs about Bhu Lekh West Bengal

Few FAQs for you, Go through it and get summarized details of the Bangla Bhumi Online web portal.

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How to get By Name Khatian & Plot Information?

The land Record search facility is available on Bangla Bhumi web portal by Khatian and plot number. The facility to get Khatian and plot information by name alone has not been provided.

How to Check Land Records West Bengal online?

To get the land records of West Bengal online, go to the official web portal of the government, Bangla Bhumi. After this, you will be able to get a land record through Khatian & Plot number.

How to check Khatian & Plot Information on mobile?

West Bengal Revenue Department has made available the Android app to check Khatian & Plot Information on mobile, App name is – JOMIR TOTHYA you can download it for free from Google Play Store.

How to contact land records for assistance?

If you are not getting Khatian or plot information or have any problem related to Land map, then you can submit a complaint online. For this, an option of Public Grievance has been given at Bangla Bhumi.