UP Bhulekh Web Portal 2020: Procedure to get Khasra Khatauni

UP Bhulekh Web Portal 2020: Procedure to get Khasra Khatauni

Uttar Pradesh sorted out many people’s problems of their state; they visit the Patwari office to get Khasra Khatauni Number and Bhulekh details. Now, all of these services are available Online. Follow the procedure steps and get service benefits. All Uttar Pradesh District, Tehsil, and Villages are included in the online web portal.

Here, we have list out content, which included helpline number and services procedure of online web portal.

  1. About UP Bhulekh Online Web Portal
  2. Benefits of UP Bhulekh Online Portal
  3. How to get Copy of Khasra Khatauni Though UP Bhulekh Web Portal 2020?
  4. Helpline Details of UP Bhulekh
  5. FAQs about UP Bhulekh Online Portal

Let’s expand content and get details of UP Bhulekh Online Web Portal.

About UP Bhulekh Online Web Portal

Uttar Pradesh Government has launched an Online Web portal to see Khasra Khatauni, Bhu Naksha, and Bhulekh details. From the below link, you will get the benefits of these services.

Official website of UP Bhulekh Online Web Portal: http://upbhulekh.gov.in/

Benefits of UP Bhulekh Online Portal

Here, we have listed the benefits of UP Bhulekh Online Portal.

  • You can see your Land Details within few clicks though UP Bhulekh Online Portal.
  • If you want to get details about your Land then you don’t have to visit Patwari Office.
  • In this Web Portal, You can see details of every Uttar Pradesh Citizen.

How to get Copy of Khasra Khatauni Though UP Bhulekh Web Portal 2020? 

Though this procedure, new visitors of this web portal will get step by step guidance to get Copy of Khasra Khatauni.

Step – 1

To view UP Bhulekh and Khasra Khatauni, you have to open the official Website of UP Bhulekh.

Link of UP Bhulekh: http://upbhulekh.gov.in/public/public_ror/Public_ROR.jsp

Step – 2

When you click on that link, you have to select three options such as “जनपद चुने”, “तहसील चुने”, ” ग्राम चुने”

Step – 3

Now though different medium such as खसरा / गाटा संख्या द्वारा, खाता संख्या द्वारा, खातेदार का नाम के द्वारा खोजें, नामांतरण दिनांक से खोजें you can see UP Bhulekh.

Select only one option, which is Handy for you. Enter Appropriate Detail of that Option, for example; let’s see UP Bhulekh though “खातेदार के नाम के द्वारा खोजे”

Step – 4

If you don’t want to follow Step – 3 then directly you can get UP Bhulekh through the search option.

On the web page, you can see, Search bar and Search Icon.

Enter your name in the search bar, select your name, and then click on “उद्धरण देखें” option.

Step – 5

This step is about to Verification. When you enter details of 3rd step options or select your name in the Fourth step then the new page will open, there you have to enter Captcha Code.

Enter Captcha Code, and then click on “Continue” Option.

Step – 6

As soon as you enter Captcha Code you will see Bhulekh Details. Here you can see Account Holder Name, Khasra Number, Area of Land, and Other Land Details.

With this procedure, you can See Bhulekh details of Every District, Tehsil, and Village of Uttar Pradesh.

If you want to download Bhulekh details, then you have to go back in Step – 6.

Now, Go for Menu Option, then select print Option, or press Ctrl + P key on your Keyboard. Select Save as PDF or Print Option, like that you can download or Print Bhulekh Details.

Helpline Details of UP Bhulekh

If you want to know more about UP Bhulekh and you find any queries related to UP Bhulekh, for example, if you can’t see Khasra details then you can contact through below Details.

Email ID of UP Bhulekh: [email protected]

Phone Number of UP Bhulekh: 0522 2217155

FAQs about UP Bhulekh Online Portal

How to get UP Bhulekh though Khatauni Name?

If you don’t know or forgot Khasra Number, then though Khasra Name you can search details. To get Khasra Name, you have to visit The Revenue Council of Uttar Pradesh Official Website.

From which website I can download a copy of UP Bhulekh Khatauni? 

To get a copy of UP Bhulekh, you have to visit http://upbhulekh.gov.in/ link. This is the Official website of UP Bhulekh. Then enter the district, Tehsil, and Village to get Copy of UP Bhulekh. 

How to know the owner’s name of Land?

If you want to know the owner’s name of Land, you have to visit the Official website of The Revenue Council Department of Uttar Pradesh. Next, Enter Khasra Number on the website, then you can see the owner’s name of Land.

How can I get a copy of the consolidation/survey village?

To get Survey Number you have to contact Tehsil Offices of your Village.

Where to contact for Khasra Khatauni related problem?

You cannot resolve the issue by the given helpline number. You have to visit the Tehsil office to resolve Khasra Khatauni Problem.