Kerala Erekha Survey: Online Procedure to get Land Records

Kerala Erekha Survey: Online Procedure to get Land Records

Kerala Government has launched an online web portal to download land records online. Many Farmers and Land Owner don’t know about Land Records online web portal. That’s why we have created this post for them to give appropriate information with various guides to take the benefits of portal services.

We know that Land Records and Land Map is a helpful document to take benefits of Government Works. So, we have selected a few contents that aim to travel the right information to the right people.

  1. Overview of Kerala Resurvey Land Records
  2. Benefits of Online web portal erekha resurvey Kerala
  3. Online Procedure to check Erekha Survey and Land Records of Kerala State
  4. FAQs about erekha land records Kerala web portal

Now, it’s time to explain all of these contents one by one in this post.

Overview of Kerala Resurvey Land Records

Now, you have a basic idea of erekha Kerala’s resurvey and land record. Kerala Government has launched erekha online web portal for its citizens so they can get Land Records and Land Maps while seating at home.

Kerala Land Information Mission Government of Kerala has helped the state government of Kerala to complete the mission of this web portal. Every Taluka Revenue Offices are included in the web portal, so you can get land records of all districts.

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By the 2020 year, all state government has launched an online web portal to get land-related documents, and the Kerala Government is one of them.

Benefits of Online web portal erekha resurvey Kerala

Here, we will talk about the benefits of the Kerala District Map web portal. There are lots of benefits, but we have selected a few of them to present here.

While seating at home, by following the further procedure you can see Land Records and Erekha resurvey.

After launching the erekha Kerala District Map web portal, Farmers and Land Owner do not have to visit Government offices compulsory to get Land records.

Before launching erekha online web portal, Farmers have to visit Taluka Revenue Office, so it was the time-consuming process. Now it will be easy for them.

To get Land Map Offline at Government Offices, Many citizens give a bribe to the employee of the Revenue Department. So, this beneficiary profit scheme will be discontinued from there.

Online Procedure to check Erekha Survey and Land Records of Kerala State

This procedure or step-wise guide we have created for the new user of the web portal. Those who don’t know to get Land Records Online they can follow the below procedure and get it on their local computer.

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Step – 1

In the first step, you have to open a web portal of Kerala District Map. Here we have given you URL of Online web portal, to open it click on URL.

URL of Web Portal:

Step – 2

As soon as you open the erekha web portal, you can see various options in the menu. To get Kerala District Map you need to click on the “File Search” Option.

Step – 3

In the File Search menu, you can see there three options, Old Survey Records, Resurvey Records, and District Maps. From those options, you need to select Resurvey Records Option.

Step – 4

Now, you can see the page of Search In Resurvey Records. You have to check the FMB option. Then you have to select district, Taluk, village, block number, and survey number from the drop-down list.

After selecting all of the details you have to click on the “Submit” button.

Step – 5

As soon as you submit the Land Details, You can see Survey and Land Records on your Laptop Screen. You can check all details from that Land Records page.

To Download Land Records you have to click on Checkout Button. After you have to pay and then you can print the Land Record.

Other than FMB, you can select LR, BTR, TPR options to get the Land Records.

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FAQs about erekha land records Kerala web portal

We have created a few FAQs for you. These FAQs will give you clear and tiny information about erekha land record web portals. Read it and get the information.

What is the Official Website of E-REKHA by Bhoomikeralam?

The Kerala Revenue Department has made available the web portal for providing Survey and Land Records Kerala online. Its official web address is – “”

How to Check Kerala Survey and Land Records Online?

Open Erekha’s official website to check Bhulekh Land Records. Then select the file search option and submit the details. Then you can download or print survey land record.

Where to contact for Bhulekh Land Records related problem?

For problems related to Survey and Land Records you can contact at [email protected] Or you can also contact the revenue department office of your Taluka.