Jharbhoomi: Online web portal to get Bhulekh Jharkhand

Jharbhoomi: Online web portal to get Bhulekh Jharkhand

Jharkhand State Government has released an online web portal to download Bhulekh Jharkhand Document. By this online web portal, Jharkhand people feel relaxed to get Bhu Lekh and another land-related document. Many Jharkhand Citizens don’t know about the Jharbhoomi Online web portal. So, we have created this post for them who are new to use Jharbhoomi online web portal.

For all Jharkhand residents, their land documents are very important whether it is Bhulekh or Khasra Jamabandi. But when a Jharkhand resident needs his land records, he has to visit the Patwari Lekhpal’s office in his district to get them.

Where their work was not done on time, so time and money both are wasted. But now the Jharkhand government has started a portal system related to land, after analyzing the problem of the citizens of its state. With the help of a web portal, you can view your land Bhulekh Khatauni online from Jharkhand.

Here, we have created a list of content; by these topics, New User will understand the process to access Jharbhoomi Website.

  1. Overview of Bhu Abhilekh Jharkhand
  2. How to get Jharbhoomi Bhulekh Jharkhand on the web portal?
  3. How to check Jharkhand Bhulekh Khatiyan Account or Register 2 Online?
  4. FAQs about Bhulekh Jharkhand

Let’s give you a brief about this content.

Overview of Bhu Abhilekh Jharkhand

Jharkhand Government has launched an online web portal to get Land Records and Land Map. Revenue Department and Land Reform Department helped Jharkhand Government for the Jharbhoomi Online web portal.

All districts have been included in the Jharbhoomi Online web portal. So, every citizen of Jharkhand can get benefits from such portal services. Below we have put the URL of the official website and contact details.

URL of Official website: https://jharbhoomi.nic.in/jhrlrmsmis/

Contact Details: https://jharbhoomi.nic.in/jhrlrmsmis/ContactUs.aspx

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The above link gives you Email ID, Number, and other Contact Details.

How to get Jharbhoomi Bhulekh Jharkhand on the web portal?

Here, we have created the stepwise guide for those who don’t know the procedure about the Bhulekh Jharkhand Document. Follow the steps to get Land Records Jharkhand.

Step – 1

In the first step, you have to open the Official website Department of Revenue Registration and Land Reforms. Below we have pasted the link to open the Official website.

Official website link: https://jharbhoomi.nic.in/jhrlrmsmis/

Step – 2

When the Official website of the Jharkhand will open, to check land record you can see various options. On the left side of the menu, you have to select “अपना खाता देखें”

Step – 3

As soon as you select “अपना खाता देखें” option, Jharkhand Map will be open. You have to select the District of the Jharkhand.

Step – 4

After Selecting the District you have to select Anchal of your Village. Then select Mouja Name.

Step – 5

Now, you have to select your Account. From below options, you can select your Account.

  • मौजा के समस्त खातों को नामानुसार देखें।
  • मौजा के समस्त खातों को खेसरा संख्या के अनुसार देखें।
  • खाता संख्या से देखें।
  • खाताधारी के नाम से देखें।

Select one of them and Open your Account.

Next, click on “खाता खोजें “Button. Then within a few seconds, you can get your Bhumi Abhilekh Jharkhand.

How to check Jharkhand Bhulekh Khatiyan Account or Register 2 Online?

First, you have to click on the below link to open Register 2 online.

Link: https://jharbhoomi.nic.in/

Then on the left side menu, you have to select, “खाता एवं रजिस्टर 2 देखें” Option.

Next, you have to select Your District, Anchal, Halka, Mouja, Khata Number, and Kism Jamin from the Dropdown Menu.

Using Khata Number you can see the Register 2 Document.

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FAQs about Bhulekh Jharkhand

Jharkhand How to view your account online?

To check your account you have to open the Jharbhoomi web portal. Then select the View your account option. Then select your district, region, socks and select the account number. This way you can get your account online very easily.

What is the official website of Jharbhoomi?

The official website of the Department of Revenue Registration and Land Reforms Jharkhand is – “jharbhoomi.nic.in” Here you can check your account ledger register 2 of your farm plot or land online.

How to get your account Jharkhand in your name?

If you do not know your land account or measles number then you can also extract rights records from your name. For this, in the given search option, select the View from the name of the account holder option.

How to get Jharkhand Bhulekh Register 2 online?

To get Register 2 go to Jharbhoomi web portal and select Account and Register 2 View option. Then you can check the record by selecting Khatian or Register 2 option.

Where to contact for an issue with your account records?

If the person related to your land has a problem or there is an error in the record then contact the given helpline number or the concerned zonal officer. Officers have been appointed there to solve your problem.