बिहार भूलेख खतियान जमाबंदी कैसे देखे 2020 | Bhulekh Bihar

Bhulekh Bihar Jamabandi Check Online 2020: 

The government authorities of the Bihar state did surely launch an online web portal for the sake of the people. Each and every person residing in the state of Bihar will now be able to check the Land records and descriptions online. There is no need to struggle much in order to get the Khatiyan Jamabandi online.

The online web portal will help the people of Bihar to check the essential details regarding their lands. It will be possible for any person to check the Jamabandi and Bhulekh details about the land the person owns. Also, all the details and land record information will be available in the digital form.

Most people residing in the state of Bihar surely does not seem to have any information about the online portal. So we are going to provide you every essential detail on what the online portal is all about and its features. Also, you will need to have to follow a simple and easy process to check the Khatiyan Jamabandi online.

But you do not have to worry about it at all if you do not know the process. Because we are going to share with you a step by step guide that will lead you to check the land information online. So you have to read this article carefully till the bottom to not miss any kind of details that we share.

There are so many benefits of using the online web portal that the government of Bihar did launch. But the best thing about it is that it is an online portal. So you can access the Khatiyan Jamabandi from anywhere and anytime. There are no time restrictions that you need to follow when you have to get the land details and information.

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Khatiyan Jamabandi Bihar Bhoomi Online Portal

The revenue department of the Bihar state government surely makes many things easy for the residents of Bihar. There was surely a launch of the online web portal that each and every person of the state can use. The list of things that the Bihar government provides through the online portal includes various essential details. Biharbhumi is the name of the online web portal that the Bihar government did launch for the welfare of the people. Not only people will be able to get the land details online but also they can check the Khatiyan Jamabandi on the portal.

Due to the use of the Biharbhumi online portal, people will not have to go to the government offices. Citizens of the Bihar state will not have to stand in a long queue outside the government administrator’s department. All the details and information regarding any land or plot you own will be available on the portal. Also, the Biharbhumi web portal will provide people with the facility of downloading or take a print out of the land details. So that it will be easy for you to have the land details and Khatiyan Jamabandi information online. You will be able to get all the access to the essential details while sitting at home.

Whenever you want to sell or purchase any piece of land or plot, you will surely need to have the essential land details and records. So the Biharbhumi portal will help you to get the essential land details and Khatiyan Jamabandi online. You will just have to read the entire article and you will know how you can check the details online on the portal. The Biharbhumi online portal will surely be beneficial to each and every person living in the state.

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Bihar Bhulekh Jamabandi District Wise Online 2020

Here is the list of the districts that you surely want to have a look at. The districts of the Bihar state that are present in the following list are available for people to check the Khatiyan Jamabandi online. If your district is not present in the list then that means you will not be able to check the land details for that district. So you need to check if any land or plot of your district for which you need to check the Jamabandi details is present on the list or not. It will be beneficial for you to have information about the districts on which there is data records available on the portal.

  • Araria (अररिया)
  • Arwal (अरवल)
  • Aurangabad (औरंगाबाद)
  • Banka (बाँका)
  • Begusarai (बेगूसराय)
  • Bhagalpur (भागलपुर)
  • Bhojpur (भोजपुर)
  • Buxar (बक्सर)
  • Darbhanga (दरभंगा)
  • East Champaran (पूर्वी चम्पारण)
  • Gaya (गया)
  • Gopalganj (गोपालगंज)
  • Jamui (जमुई)
  • Jehanabad (जहानाबाद)
  • Kaimur (कैमूर)
  • Katihar (कटिहार)
  • Khagaria (खगड़िया)
  • Lakhisarai (लखीसराय)
  • Kishanganj (किशनगंज)
  • Madhubani (मधुबनी)
  • Madhepura (मधेपुरा)
  • Monghyr (मुंगेर)
  • Muzaffarpur (मुजफ्फरपुर)
  • Nalanda (नालंदा)
  • Nawada (नवादा)
  • Patna (पटना)
  • Purnea (पूर्णिया)
  • Rohtas (रोहतास)
  • Saharsa (सहरसा)
  • Samastipur (समस्तीपुर)
  • Saran (सारन)
  • Shiekhpura (शेखपुरा)
  • Sheohar (शिवहर)
  • Sitamarhi (सीतामढ़ी)
  • Siwan (सीवान)
  • Supaul (सुपौल)
  • Vaishali (वैशाली)
  • West Champaran (पश्चिमी चम्पारण)

Procedure To Check Bihar Jamabandi Online 2020

Most states are providing their citizens the facility to access the land records and details online through their own portals. So the Bihar government did launch up the online web portal “Biharbhumi” that serves the same to the people. The Biharbhumi is only for the use of the people residing in the state of Bihar.

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People can be able to check the land details and Jamabandi information online with the help of the portal. In order to do that, you will just have to follow a simple and easy process. We did mention here easy steps that will guide you through the process of checking the essential details online.

  • First of all, you need to open the official Biharbhumi portal or you can directly Click Here
  • Then you need to select the district on the map in which your land is available
  • After selecting the district on the map, you need to select the Tehsil or subdivision
  • Again you will have to select from the options available on the screen
  • After going through all the options, you need to click on “Search Khata or खाता खोजें”
  • Then you need to search the landowner name on the list and click on “View or देखें “
  • All the Bhulekh details will appear on the screen where you can check the land details and other essential information
  • You can also download or take a print out of the details by clicking on the “Print” option available on the top right side

That’s all, we hope that you have now all the information and details about the Biharbhumi online portal. Also, you must know the steps following which you can be able to check the land details or Bhulekh Jamabandi online and download the details for further references.